Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Opportunity for Greatness

How do you differentiate true leaders from ordinary people? Put them in a high-stress environment and you’ll see the leaders standup and tackle the situation while the others succumb to the stress. The difficult times that we in currently, in terms of the economy, war and terrorism, create an environment ideal for leaders to flourish. “Challenge creates an opportunity for greatness”. That’s what the authors of this article, published by the Leader to Leader Institute, have to say.

All historical leaders have risen to power by their determination to succeed during difficult times. Contrary to the belief that high-stress causes illness, the authors suggest that ordinary people ‘think’ their way to illness when subject to stress. This difference in the thought process is what differentiates leaders from others. The authors go on to provide useful suggestions for handling stress and bringing out the leader in you.

So, while there is chaos all around, look out for new leaders to emerge and take control. Are you one of them?

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