Friday, June 04, 2004

Knowlegde Everywhere

Everyday, there are a number of events happening around us. We are connected to these events by different means – by being part of the event, through the news media or through friends and family. Each event is a source of knowledge and wisdom. A sort of equation, that defines a relation between a series of actions, which converge at a particular moment in time, and the outcome of such actions. The outcome may be good or bad. Whatever might be the case, these events define the course of our future. The decisions we make, the life we lead, and our successes and failures are all molded by past and current events.

The mind, when exposed to such events, trains itself on how to react to similar situations. An uninformed mind, can potentially assume the wrong course of action. And we see this happen every day. Lost fortunes, broken marriages and every other misfortune is a result of an uneducated mind making the wrong turn.

When our future is dependent on happenings around us, it is our responsibility to extract knowledge from them. The knowledge and wisdom will give us the power to influence and change the outcome of future events and give us control of our own destinies.

‘Blogs of Wisdom’ is an attempt to accumulate and disseminate this wisdom that is ever present around us. Readers are free to support or contradict any opinions posted here. All in an effort to correct, tune and sharpen the hidden wisdom.

May this blog open the window of opportunity and success to many!

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