Monday, June 14, 2004

Hybrid Energy

Ford has launched the first hybrid SUV powered by a gasoline-electric engine. Its estimated mileage is 35 to 40 miles per gallon. That is great in the SUV world. More manufacturers are expected to follow with their own models.

With the record prices of crude oil, it is important that we seek alternate sources of energy. Oil prices can create havoc in any economy. These prices don't just affect specific industries, but the world in whole. The cost of oil trickles down to every product or service that we use. Oil drives manufacturing, transportation, heating and everything else.

The scary part is that a major portion of the world's oil resources is concentrated in a few countries. So, other countries, with little or no resources, are at the mercy of these few oil-rich nations. And there will be a time when the Earth's resources start to dwindle. What will happen then?

Shouldn't there be a sense of urgency in seeking alternate resources of energy? Once in a while we hear about innovations in wind harvesting, solar enery and others. But nothing definite has happened.

The technology introduced by car manufacturers should become law. Universities and governments should promote research in such areas. Imagine if every car consumes less fuel, every house requires very little energy and every product is designed for efficient energy consumption. Imagine a world where energy resources are abundant and oil prices do not make or break economies.

Until such technologies become available, let us all strive to create an awareness within ourselves and others around us - Save energy!!

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